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June is a busy month of activities and events for ACT TOP including holding a stall at the very popular RSPCA Million Paws Walk as well as World Environment Day – a topic close to our hearts.

We know that the orangutan's rainforest is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. All the funds we raise go towards supporting orphaned orangutans, preventing destruction and preserving what precious little habitat is left. This is vital if we want the orangutan species to survive in their natural habitat. These events have been a great way to raise awareness to promote ‘the well-being of humanity, the environment and economies through the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources’ – key themes of World Environment Day. 

Winter is well and truly here - what a great time to sell those chocolates, lollies and cookies to go with those hot drinks to keep us warm. Our fundraising cookie/chocolate coordinator Lynn has lots of boxes ready for volunteers to sell. If you'd like to sell some, please email 

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