The beautiful and adventurous Meki is developing well. She is very intelligent and is quick to understand instructions given by the babysitters. She now weighs 23.3kg and has moved into Forest School Group 6. Meki is very healthy and has had no medical issues over the last six months.

Meki is very active in forest school and is extending her time exploring new areas and swinging in the canopy. She has started to travel deeper into the forest. Meki usually travels with orangutans Paija and Kenya, her adventure mates. Sometimes, Meki visits Forest School Group 4 to join Lori and Nemo and encourage them to follow her into the forest.

Meki has started to consume natural forest foods including fruits, pantung sap and termites. She is no longer dependent on the fruits given by the babysitters which is excellent.

When Meki is tired from exploring the forest, she will usually build a nest and rest. She is definitely becoming more independent and has started to enjoy over night stays in the forest, sleeping in a canopy nest. 

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