Cheeky Wigly is doing very well. He is healthy and now weighs in at 20.8kg. He has joined Forest School Group 3.

Wigly is still very close with orangutan Ben and they spend a lot of time together. If Ben leaves an area that Wigly is in then Wigly will start to cry. Ben will then return to Wigly and play with him. These two boys are also very active in forest school together and Wigly is now climbing very high in the trees. In another positive development, Wigly is now also learning to build nests up in the canopy. Wigly and Ben will travel quite deep into the forest together to search for their favourite foods: termites and panting sap.

Lately, Wigly has started to show his dominance. Before going to forest school he will sometimes demand a milk feed from the baby sitters. If the baby sitters did not give him the milk then he would immediately try to snatch the milk bucket from their hands. 

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