Septian has grown quickly over the last six months, now weighing in at 11kg. He is developing into a lovely young male orangutan. Septian is still very focused on his keepers. Staff are now ignoring his attention seeking behaviours so he can begin to develop more independence.

Septian loves his enrichment and he will often make excellent nests from the leaves provided twice a day. Sometimes hessian sacks are also given to this group to encourage nest building practices. Septian loves this activity and is learning with his best friend Seroja to make these nests. Septian has started to build good nests and is sleeping high up in the tyre swings at night. Although he can be lazy, staff are working hard with this group to make them more independent and develop problem solving skills with the enrichment.

Septian is happy eating all of the fruit and vegetables which are offered. He does not have any particular food favourites, but loves food in general! Septian is also very careful when eating vegetables or fruit, as he knows other orangutans in the group may come and steal the little bunch of food which he has gathered. So at times, he will be protective at food time and dominant over his food. Septian also loves his coconuts which are given twice a week as enrichment. He can spend quite a bit of time trying to pull the coconuts apart.

Each week, Septian’s group is moved around the cages at the socialisation block. This allows the young orangutans to prepare for larger spaces, develop muscle condition and provides enrichment. Septian loves this time of the week and really enjoys moving through the various cage areas. He will often play with his best friend Seroja on the tyre swings and blue barrels.

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