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South Australia's TOP volunteers are waking from a small snooze over the Christmas and New year break.

Just before the break our fearless leader and State Representative Jodie Ellen had decided to take a small step back from her role for twelve months. Jodie has played such an important role in The Orangutan Project over the years and will still continue to do so into the future. Lucky for me as her temporary replacement Jodie will still be assisting volunteers with fundraisers and school talks throughout the year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jodie for her tireless contribution to The Orangutan Project over the years and for supporting me with the slightly bumpy transition into the Acting State Representative role.

My name is Amy Nelson and I have been fundraising for The Orangutan Project and Earth4Orangutans for about four years but properly more officially joined the SA volunteers group a bit over a year ago. My professional background is in zoo keeping. It is through this career I have found the importance and the power of conservation through education. To allow people to feel a connection with an animal opens them up to hear about the background of that species and in turn feel the drive to help. I think this is something TOP do really well though our adoption programs, school talks and even conversations with the public at our stalls. As big as Jodie's shoes are to fill I am so grateful that we have such a fantastic group of seasoned volunteers in South Australia so as much as I am borrowing the title of State Rep this is 100% a team effort. Please bear with me everyone! 

I am very excited to catch up with our volunteers at our first meeting of the year. I know we have a few new faces. Sadly we have had to say goodbye to City West Community Centre as our meeting place. However we have a lovely new home in the State Library of South Australia. Our meetings will be held there from now on in Bray room 4 every 4th Wednesday of the month. Everyone welcome!

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