Wigly continues to do well and his confidence has grown immensely over the last six months. He is very active and he is now brave enough to play on his own, without his buddy, Ben. They will sometimes meet in the playground and hug each other. Wigly now weighs just over 20kg and he is in very good health.

Wigly has moved into Group 3 at Forest school. He enjoys climbing and swinging in the trees. It is now dry season so Wigly can no longer play in the water and mud like he used to love doing on the way to forest school.

After the orangutans return from forest school, Wigly usually goes directly to the feeding platform to enjoy the range of food that has been served by the baby sitters. The food includes oranges, papayas, corn, pineapples and young leaves. Wigly certainly works up an appetite being so active in forest school.

Wigly can be cheeky and tries to tease and play with the technicians. He is now playing with the branches and leaves given to him in the cage so he can learn to build nests for sleeping in. This is a very important skill for orangutans to have when they are released into the forest. 

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