Rosi continues to thrive and is a very active and healthy orangutan. She currently weighs 24kg. Rosi has moved up into Level 4 at Forest School.

 It is now the dry season so Rosi and her friends cannot play in the water and mud like they used to on their way to forest school in the rainy season.

Rosi enjoys climbing and swinging in the canopy. She is a skilled climber and is good at searching for forest food. Rosi likes to eat forest fruits and she also searches for termites to eat. Rosi likes to visit the smaller orangutan group and play with the orangutans in the group. She can be a bit cheeky and sometimes snatches their food.

Rosi remains very close with a female orangutan named Nila. Nila is very adventurous and likes to stay in the forest. Rosi is more quiet and gentle and is content to return to her night cage, guided by the baby sitters. Sometimes Rosi plays quite far from the baby sitters but she always returns to her cage.

After returning from forest school, Rosi usually goes straight to the feeding platform where there is a range of food including papayas, oranges, corn, pineapple and young leaves served by the baby sitters. Rosi will eat some food and then she will play with her friends in the playground.

Once Rosi is back in the cage to sleep in overnight, she will receive some branches, leaves and a hessian sack. Rosi greatly enjoys receiving these items and she will build a nest in the swing with the branches and leaves and then use the hessian sack as a blanket. 

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