Krista is a beautiful orangutan with a slightly mischeivious side, usually displayed by her extreme fondness for stealing hair ties, hats, and glasses.

She continues to be an ever charismatic member of the daily release group.  She especially likes the women who work as release assistants.  She has her favourites, one of  whom she insists be the one to lead her into the forest.

Krista used to spend much of the time on her day release outings sitting with the caregivers. However, recently, she started exploring and staying up in the trees for hours at a time.  She now often breaks branches to practice making day nests, and increasingly spends more and more time foraging and eating wild fruits in the release forest near the Care Centre. 

Krista is maturing and is learning to be more like a wild orangutan along with the others in her age group.  Her improvement in her forest outings has been excellent and this is very encouraging that she will soon be suitable for release.

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