Carlos is a very healthy and handsome male orangutan. He has now moved to the acclimatisation cage. Carlos is still the dominant orangutan even amongst the new group, especially when it comes to taking food from the technicians. The other orangutans are wary of Carlos and the technicians need to ensure that all the orangutans receive enough food. Carlos is very good friends with an orangutan named Paku. He is also a dominant orangutan and Carlos and Paku don’t fight over things.

Carlos spends his time playing and climbing in the cage and will only go down to receive food from the technicians. Carlos greatly enjoys all the enrichment activities given to him by the enrichment team. One of them is a 'Honey Box'. The enrichment team make a small box filled with honey. The curious Carlos will pick the honey with his fingers or some twigs and this keeps him busy for a long time. Carlos’ favourite enrichment is a 'Food bag' which is a big bag filled with different foods. Carlos will vigorously shake the bag to get as much food out as he can.

Carlos still loves receiving hessian sacks so he can use them for his bedding. He can be cheeky when the technicians come to take the dirty sacks away to be cleaned. Carlos will hide the sacks in the highest swing in the cages so the technicians cannot take them away. When he gets bored, Carlos will drop the sacks to the floor. 

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