Rosi is in good health and currently weighs 24kg. Rosi always arrives late to Forest School because instead of going straight to school with her friends of the same group, she plays with anything that she finds along the way, Rosi is always active in her Forest School outings.

She will often leave her group to explore and search for forest fruits. Rosi is very smart in choosing natural forest food. Rosi is often late for her meal given by the babysitters due to her forest explorations. However Rosi always looks calm and isn’t overly eager to receive food and drink. It seems Rosi is probably full from eating so much forest fruit which is excellent.

Rosi loves to play in a nearby swamp. She can spend hours playing in the swamp and she often arrives home covered in mud. At the playground, Rosi goes straight to the sandbox and rolls around. The sandbox is one of Rosi’s favorite places to play.

Rosi’s best friend is Nilla. They used to leave their group so they could play with group of baby orangutans. Now they are often seen playing alone. Rosi is always happy to return to her enclosure after Forest School. 

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