Bulan is approximately 10.5 years of age. Bulan is still best friends with Nanga. They may often have a quick squabble over food and enrichment toys. Nanga always wins the competition but they never really hurt each other. Bulan is a sweet and friendly orangutan. She is never aggressive towards her friends.

Bulan will sometimes whine when the technicians come to distribute the food to the orangutans. Bulan seems happy when the Enrichment Team delivers the toys to her enclosure. Bulan loves playing with the toys. When she gets a toy, she will move to a far corner and hide the toy from her friends, especially Nanga. Bulan does share her toys with Nanga when she becomes a bit bored with them however she does not like her toys being grabbed away.

Bulan is a very healthy and active orangutan. Her eating patterns are good and she is not a picky eater. She enjoys all kinds of food and the milk prepared by the technicians.

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