Rosi is now four years old and she is regularly attending forest school sessions. She is a very healthy orangutan and almost never falls sick. Rosi used to be very close with Nila, but more often now she likes to undertake activities by herself.

Rosi loves to eat and she is plumper than her peers, weighing in at 20.6 kg. She loves to play with water and is very sweet to her babysitters.

When Rosi first started forest school, she used to find ways to escape when no one was looking and run back to the Baby House. Rosi still loves to escape from her group but now it is to play in the forest by herself. She is a very active orangutan who spends a lot of time high in the canopy during forest school. Rosi can now also build her own nests which is excellent. Rosi now doesn’t like to return to her enclosure after forest school and she will cry when she has to return. The forest skills that Rosie has indicate that she will be an excellent release candidate.


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