Although born in the quarantine facility and therefore living inside a cage since birth, Ganteng and Ginting are growing up quite well, being lovingly cared for by their mother. The twins have no medical issues and are looking health and have beautiful shiny hair.

Ganteng now weighs 7 kg and Ginting weighs slightly less at 5 kg. When it comes to food, Ganteng is a lot less fussy one, he eats any fruit and greens, however Ginting usually will only eat what their mother eats.

On 19 March 2013 Ganteng and Ginting and their mother, Gober, moved from the isolation cage to the larger Block B, to give the twins more space for their development and to enable monitoring of Gober's long range visual responses, in order to determine the success of her cataracts operation. Being placed in a bigger cage has encouraged the twins to play further away from their mother, especially Ganteng. If there's someone near their cage, Ganteng swings around making ‘kiss-squeek' sounds, whilst Ginting always returns to her mum quickly.

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