Beautiful and Slightly Eccentric! Krista shines more and more as she grows older. She has a beautiful, benign face that can make you turn your head from far away.

 Her personality is equally captivating. When she is taken out for daily forest releases, Krista prefers making the walk with two caregivers so she can take both by the hand, dangle from their arms, and stick both of her legs straight out, scuffing them lightly over the forest trail. Her caregivers jokingly refer to this behavior as “skiing”. But her method of locomotion when traveling independently is equally as interesting. On the occasions that orangutans come down from the canopy, they nearly always walk on all fours, but Krista likes to walk bipedally on her two feet. She even does so while carrying a long stick and moving it in such a way that it precedes her steps, in exactly the same way that a human uses a walking stick! Regardless of how she chooses to travel, Krista is certainly always on the go, and is very skilled at finding fruit. She also absolutely loves water. On days when there has been heavy rain, she happily wades through the flooded forest floor to gather ground-growing fruit. Some of the best fruit can be found in abundance guarded by spiky reeds however Krista is not daunted by such challenges. As she continues to build up her foraging skills and independence, we become ever more confident that she will one day thrive as a wild orangutan.

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