Wigly now more active, though often played on the ground than in trees. There was a time when Wigly play with Jossy, Jon and Lori. They play a little distance from the location that is in a Lake.

At that Wigly difficulties when trying to move from one tree to another tree, because he panicked and lost his balance, fell to water. There are very lucky to have a baby sitter to help him immediately. Wigly very pleased when he wants to go to school, and he likes best time in school was when he was in the branches bending and wrestling with friends. He likes to play a lot and look for new areas. With his best friend Bens, he always go everywhere together. Sometimes Wiggly cranky with the baby sitter, but once persuaded and seduced by a fruit or milk and loved, he was again not cranky. Usually, he likes to learn how to climb trees or move at the tree with Baby Sitter.

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