Vanessa is an independent and quiet orangutan. In the forest, she is easily recognizable because of her hair, which appears to have been “coiffed” each morning.

Vanessa loves her daily visits to the forest. She is incredibly agile and spends most of her time maneuvering through the canopy. While she is in the trees, Vanessa will look for branches with ants on them. If she finds a colony of ants, she will sit on the branch and lick the ants off the bark as if it is a popsicle.

Vanessa's foraging is not just limited to ants. She loves to scour the forest for edible young leaves. When Vanessa returns to the ground, she prefers to play on her own. She will look for a puddle to sit in and will splash around in the water, rubbing it on her arms and stomach. When Vanessa's time comes to return to the wild, her gentle and independent nature will serve her well.

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