Otok's kind and thoughtful eyes are a testament to his personality. He is a very mild-mannered orangutan. Although his confidence in the forest is still developing, he is an expert forager.

Otok has mastered the art of finding ant nests and young leaves. When he goes out to the forest each day, he likes to stay within his caregiver's view. He still requires gentle encouragement when climbing trees, so having his caregiver nearby helps Otok accomplish this. When he gets to the top of a tree, Otok likes to practice building day nests. In the wild, orangutans lead semi-solitary lives. Otok is already displaying this characteristic and tends to shy away from the other orangutans. With continued support and encouragement, Otok's confidence and skills grow a little more each day. Unfortunately, Otok's weight has gone down a bit over the last month but his hair is finally beginning to grow so that his arms are covered in a short fringe of red hair.

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