Krista is a beautiful and incredibly agile orangutan. When she goes out to the forest in the morning, she likes to walk but holds her caregiver's hand.

During the walk, she sporadically stops to look for young leaves to eat. When Krista gets to the forest, her independence blossoms. Although she has orangutan friends, Krista prefers to spend time exploring and playing on her own. When Krista finds a suitable vine, she will hold onto it and swing as if she is on a trapeze. She is an incredible acrobat and watching her gracefully glide from vine to vine makes you feel as if you are watching a Cirque du Soleil show. However, when interacting with her caregivers, Krista can be quite cheeky and playful. One of her Dayak caregivers is an expert tree climber. Krista knows this and will instigate games of chase by stealing his hat so that he will clamber up a tree after her. Krista weighs 16 kilos (35.2 pounds).

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