Volunteer Resources

Welcome to our wonderful volunteers! Thanks for deciding to volunteer with The Orangutan Project. Our volunteers make a big difference to our fundraising and to raising awareness about the importance of saving orangutans and their forest habitats. Click on the links below to find out how you can get involved. 

  • How to raise funds

    There are many different ways you can fundraise with The Orangutan Project, such as organising a fundraising event, booking and managing fundraising stalls, or helping out at stalls and events. ... Read more

  • How to order merchandise

    For a fundraising event or stall, you will most likely need merchandise and adoption kits. We have environmentally ethical and lightweight merchandise you can sell at your stall. We also ... Read more

  • How to bank funds

    Once you've raised funds through an event, market stall or other activity, you will need to bank cash via a Westpac bank and fill out a banking form. The form ... Read more

  • How to do a stocktake

    Twice a year, we ask volunteers who manage stalls and events to do a stocktake of your stock. This needs to be done on 30 June and by the end ... Read more