Gunung Gea

Date of birth:


Place of birth:

Padangsidimpuan, South Tapanuli, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Education History:

Bachelor’s degree in English Literature (thesis on The Tragedy of Macbeth), and Master of Science in Local Government Administration (thesis on Implementation of Regional Autonomy in Managing Protected Area – A Case Study on Tripa Peat Swamp in Aceh)

Organisation you work for:

Yayasan Scorpion Indonesia

Position title:

Co-founder / Trustee

How did you get into the work you do presently?

I co-founded Yayasan Scorpion, also known as Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, Indonesia in 2015 and oversee its operation in monitoring wildlife trade in Indonesia. Following the discovery of the new species of Tapanuli orangutan in 2017, I was attracted to help protecting this very rare species. So, I formed a small team which I called the Tapanuli Orangutan Protection Unit (TOPU). The TOPU of Scorpion Foundation works with the wildlife authority (BBKSDA) field staff to monitor the habitat of the Tapanuli orangutan and prevent the capture of this rare animal especially in remote villages of Tapanuli. My passion to protect the Tapanuli orangutan is not only because Tapanuli is the place where I was born and grew up, but also because it is the world’s most Critically Endangered great ape. Before setting up Scorpion, I had previously been involved in various orangutan conservation programmes including as the Kalimantan Orangutan Projects Manager of the U.K. based Fauna and Flora International (FFI), Jakarta Representative of Orangutan Foundation (also U.K. based), and Deputy Director of Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Progamme (SOCP).

Describe the main aspects of your work:

I oversee the operation of TOPU under the management of Scorpion Foundation in three districts of Tapanuli (North, Central, and South Tapanuli). I work to ensure that the TOPU get sufficient funding to run field activities in Tapanuli.

What do you like best about your job?

I am so happy when Scorpion is able to contribute to the protection of Tapanuli orangutans and their habitats. I am proud when we prevent the destruction of orangutan habitat and prevent cruelty to wildlife.