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Will you help us support a critical rescue operation in East Kalimantan?

One of our major donors has offered to match donations we receive throughout September and she’s willing to do it for our Rescue appeal!

This means your generous donation will be doubled - and that money will go straight to East Kalimantan, where our partner the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) are gearing up for more urgent orangutan rescues on the brink of the horrendous fire season.

This really is a big chance to save vulnerable orangutans and I urge you to please help us get vital funding to critical rescue operations right now. 

Our partner’s work in East Kalimantan is often all that stands between certain death for Bornean orangutans and a new life of freedom in protected habitat.

Our partner is at the forefront of rapid response orangutan rescue.

They investigate and expose illegal land encroachment, they uncover poaching and illicit pet smuggling rings, and they work closely with the Ministry of Forestry to secure protected land for orangutan rehabilitation and release.

Led by local Indonesians, COP has also made a big difference in rural communities, where local people now understand the protected status of orangutans, and know just who to call when they encounter a displaced orangutan or suspect an orangutan is being held captive.

If you didn’t catch it in our newsletter last month, here’s a clip of COP’s amazing work in action:

In the space of just a few days last year, COP exposed and rescued five infant orangutans on the brink of being smuggled out of Indonesia (arrests were made) and in the last six weeks have rescued at least four orangutans, all displaced by deforestation for agriculture.

This wounded male orangutan was rescued and re-located by our partner last month.

Tragically, these numbers are only getting higher as land clearing for palm oil spreads rapidly through East Kalimantan and horrendous fires, often lit by developers, decimate precious habitat.

But you can help

Your gifts today will be directed straight to East Kalimantan we’re you’ll help fund critical rescue operations and provide urgent support for COP’s ongoing rescue and rehabilitation program.

Thank you for your gift today enabling us to double its impact and support critical on the ground rescue operations in East Kalimantan.


Together we are making a life-saving difference to vulnerable orangutans and we thank you for the incredibly important role you play.


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