Your gift will help us save orangutans

Please give generously! Your tax-deductible gift will support urgent rescues, provide care and rehabilitation and will help us secure and patrol remaining habitat!

In the last few weeks, our rescue alliances across Sumatra and Kalimantan have rescued five Critically Endangered orangutans - and we’ve now had word of another three.  

The fact is, we’ve never seen it this bad.  As the repercussions of the pandemic rip through developing nations like Indonesia, poaching, encroachment  and forest crime are rife. Criminal gangs fuelled by wealthy men are rapidly encroaching remaining habitats. They make quick profits from destroying the forest, and even quicker profits from killing orangutan mothers and selling  their babies. 

At the same time however, our rescue alliances, working with local authorities, are finally changing the game. 

As I write this to you, our rescue alliances are helping to rescue desperate orangutans who were previously out of reach. Orangutans who’d already been smuggled overseas. Orangutans languishing in “private” zoos, orangutans hidden behind gated homes or with networks that believed they were untouchable. 

Every time we help to confiscate a captive orangutan, we’re destroying the profits of these powerful networks and your gift today will make sure our rescue teams are on the ground - infiltrating poaching networks, working closely with authorities and finding, confiscating and rescuing orangutans. 

Just as important, your gift today will resource the critical work that comes after that. The long term rehabilitation and jungle school, the ongoing patrols, and perhaps most important of all, our work to legally secure remaining rainforest ecosystems for the decades to come. 

Working together, we will secure the future for Critically Endangered orangutans. Please give generously to this urgent appeal and help us keep up this vital work for orangutans! 

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