Your gift will help save the orangutan

By virtually acquiring an area of rainforest in Sumatra, the proceeds from your purchase are going directly to the development of an island sanctuary for very special orangutans like Leuser!

Leuser and his friends currently live in quarantine cages at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program for their safety and cannot be released back into the wild due to reasons of health or disability. Their condition is a direct result of human impact.

The Earth 4 Orangutans project has been formed to provide a happier more enriching future for Leuser and his friends. The project is raising funds to build a man-made island sanctuary in Sumatra that will allow these orangutans life in natural habitat and receive the long-term care they need. The sanctuary will also house other endangered native species, include an education centre for conservation awareness for the public, children and tourists and provide employment for local people.

Why give to Leuser?

Leuser wandered too close to a village and he was shot 62 times, receiving bullets in both eyes and rendering him completely blind. This didn't stop him taking a fancy to Gober however and he is the proud father of twins. Leuser will not survive in the wild alone and needs long-term care, the man-made island sanctuary will give him the freedom he deserves while receiving the care he needs.

You will receive:

  • Printable certificate of your virtually acquired land
  • A full profile on Leuser

PLEASE NOTE: Your certificate and above information will be emailed to you by Earth 4 Orangutans within 24 hours of your purchase. By purchasing you agree to receive email communications and updates from Earth 4 Orangutans.

Terms: By purchasing land for the Build a Sanctuary project, you are virtually acquiring it for the purpose of raising funds in order for Earth 4 Orangutans to build the stated island sanctuary. Your donation does not mean you have purchased any physical piece of land nor have any legal ownership nor rights towards the Earth 4 Orangutans island sanctuary.

Tax Deductibility: Your donation is tax deductible!

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