Meki continues to do well on a forested pre-release island called Kaja Island in the Rungan River, run by the BOS Foundation.

Meki feasting on corn

She is 14 years of age and is in excellent health. Meki has been seen less frequently around the platform lately. When the technician team is about to provide food, she appears to be far from the feeding platform, so she has to follow the direction of the feeding boat on the river to avoid missing out on additional food.

Meki is a dominant female on Kaja Island and this is evident when it’s feeding time. Other orangutans tend to be afraid of Meki. Meki can be seen with her hand and feet full of food that is provided by the technicians. Her favourites are corn and cucumber.

Meki is an active orangutan who enjoys traveling and foraging on the island. After she has eaten the extra food provided by the staff, she will venture deeper into the island canopy to build a day nest and rest before foraging in the afternoon. 

It’s wonderful to know that Meki is doing so well on the island and is a strong candidate for release in the future.

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