Cece maintains her status as a bit of a loner in the large socialization cage group she is a part of at the SOCP quarantine centre. Cece still enjoys playing with the female keepers at the centre however she is also developing her orangutan socialisation skills.

Her tendency to be drawn to the female keepers is most likely due to her second upbringing after having been taken into illegal captivity. Here, her previous ‘owners’ had for a time treated and raised her like a human baby. 

Cece has a tendency to suck on her thumb and be off on her own, which means she is sometimes late to come down at one of the regularly scheduled feeding times throughout the day.  Of course the staff ensure that all of the orangutans get their fill of nutritious and varied food. Even though Cece is a ‘quiet’ orangutan, she is also very strong-willed and never afraid to take whatever food item she may want from her fellow orangutan house mates! 

Overall, Cece is developing well and she greatly enjoys her forest school outings with the other orangutans. With such a forceful personality, we are confident that she will be a good candidate for future release claim a second chance at a wild life in the forests of Sumatra.

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