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January is here! Our hearts and minds now turn to 2016 and bracing ourselves for a busy year ahead. There’s no faster way to refuel our energy than to stop for a minute, take a breath and congratulate ourselves on an amazing year. With all the crazy lead up to the end of the year, we look back with pride at how this wonderful community continue to be such fantastic supporters of The Orangutan Project. 

Contributions by the ACT community for just the last three months of 2015 reached $13,000 to help the Orangutans and to protect their natural habitat. We were delighted to see so many adoptions bought as Christmas gifts that will continue to inspire throughout the year. Our chocolates and cookies were hot items (and absolutely delicious!) for the Christmas festivities, and our trash and treasure stalls (fabulously coordinated by Robyn with help from Anne and Diana) have been a wonderful success. Congratulations to Robyn on winning the Christmas raffle. 

Planning for 2016 events includes a trivia night and a movie night (always a great excuse to get your family and friends together and have some fun), we are always looking for more chocolate and cookie sellers (email and she will show you how easy it is), sign-up or get to know your local volunteers by coming along to a volunteer meeting (details on the ‘upcoming events’ through the website), and if you want to contribute but time is beating you - feel free to donate items for the trash and treasure stalls. For details on becoming a volunteer, connecting with other volunteers through facebook, or donating please contact me - Therese O’Brien, ACT Regional Representative, email: We look forward to an inspiring year that connects us all to protect.

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