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There was an amazing level of public support and interest for TOP at the RSPCA Paws Walk in the Illawarra on the 17th of May with $369 raised through donations and the purchase of merchandise.

TOP Ambassador Bianca Dye, was the MC for this event and a very vocal supporter of the wonderful work that TOP provide towards orangutan conservation, habitat protection and awareness of other critically endangered animals such as the Sumatran tiger, elephant and rhino in the remaining rainforest in Borneo and Sumatra. The RSPCA were so impressed by TOPs presence on the day they have offered an invitation for us to attend the Paws Walk in 2016.


I'm very excited to announce our Rain Forest Benefit Night on November 7th, at The Occidental Hotel, York St Sydney, where I will meet the Reps from the other states, as well as see Leif Cocks again! Leif will do a powerpoint presentation, there will be entertainment, an auction, and raffle. Our theme and dress code is RAIN FOREST, so please wear green or floral. It's early days yet but I will keep you up to date with which special guests are attending, so far The CLARKE FAMILY, Daniel, William, and parents Rodney and Penny will all be there! ALL WELCOME.

Winter is a quiet time for NSW, except for my Probus Talks which are still great for creating the awareness and interest for our orangutans and rain forests. The mature audiences love the cuddly toys which sell well for their grandchildren, and they are always interested in palm oil free products.

Our next Meeting is on August 22nd, usual venue, The Great Southern Hotel, George St Sydney. Please RSVP if you would like to come to meet our ever growing team, and help us help the orangutans and rain forests.

Warm Wishes, Gail Browning.

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