Carmen remains a healthy and active orangutan. She eats well and her coat is in great condition. She is very active along with the other orangutans in her enclosure. She likes to climb to the top of the cage and swing on the ropes.

Carmen is fast and agile and this comes in handy at food time. Carmen will often be the first to get her food from the technicians because she is so quick. One of Carmen’s play mates named Suma will often steal her food so Carmen is given extra by the technicians. Carmen has now learnt if she takes the food to the top of the cage to eat it then Suma won’t follow her since Suma doesn’t like the top of the cage.

Carmen is a gentle orangutan and doesn’t fight with the others. Once meal time is finished, Carmen likes to play with the other orangutans and she will play wrestle with Suma. Carmen’s other main play mates are Bella and Nanda and Carmen is gentle with all of them. 

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