Wigly has put on 6kg in the last six months and now weighs in at 19.5kg. Wigly is very active playing in the playground and in Forest School.

 He is skilful at climbing trees and swinging using branches or roots. Wigly is a brave orangutan and often plays with orangutans from an older group. He used to be close with an orangutan named Ben but now they rarely play together.

After arriving home from forest school, Wigly goes straight to the bamboo trees near the clinic and plays with Miko. Miko can be a little nosey sometimes and will eat the young bamboo shoots. He will also use the bamboo to poke at Wigly. Wigly does not get mad at this; he just minds his own business and carries on with what he’s doing.

Wigly has never been naughty or aggressive towards his orangutan friends. However he can sometimes be a little bit mischievous towards his human babysitters by being rebellious and needs coaxing to return to his night enclosure after Forest School. Wigly loves wrestling with his orangutan friends on the playground grass or playing tug of war with twigs.

Overall, Wigly is in very good health. He loves to eat every kind of fruit given to him by his babysitters and he also loves his milk.

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