The gorgeous twins Ganteng and Ginting continue to thrive with their mother Gober. Ganteng is the larger of the twins, weighing approximately 10kg and Ginting about 8kg.

Both youngsters are very active however Ganteng is far more daring than his more reserved and shy sister. This shows that just like human children, young orangutans have very distinct personalities that are evident from birth.

The twins have been eating a large variety of food given to them by the keepers. Ganteng takes food confidently from the keepers whilst Ginting prefers to stay near their mother, Gober and share food with her. Ginting is closer and more dependent on Gober than her confident brother. Ganteng likes to play on the rubber ropes and on the swing away from Gober. However, if something happens that Ganteng is unsure of such as human visitors or monkeys from the surrounding forest approaching their cage then he will quickly go to Gober for comfort. Ganteng has also learnt how to kiss squeak and he will do this if anything unusual is in the area. A kiss squeak sounds like a human ‘blowing raspberries’ and orangutans make this noise when they are annoyed or concerned about something.

Ginting is a very sweet girl and is much quieter than Ganteng.  She usually spends most of her time near her mother Gober and she likes to bring her food. She is less boisterous and aggressive than Ganteng and will quickly go to her mother and hide when someone or something comes near the cage.

Lately Ganteng and Ginting have learnt to make a day nest with leaves in the afternoon however they still sleep with Gober. In the evening Gober usually take the leaves used by the twins and makes a big nest for the three of them to sleep in.

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