Independent and beautiful Vanessa has not lost an ounce of her adventurous spirit or lush, beautiful hair. When she is taken out for daily forest release, it is not long before Vanessa is high in the canopy and out of sight of her caregivers.

Sometimes the only way you know that Vanessa is around is when flower buds or fruit remains start falling on your head from far above. When Vanessa finds food, she will remain in one place to fully exploit the resource. She is usually the first orangutan to find the choicest clusters of fruit, and as soon as the others have picked up on her discovery they come to mooch off her.

Many benefit from her excellent foraging skills! But she takes advantage of others as well. She has been seen climbing up into the canopy where another orangutan has built a sleeping nest. Vanessa then kicks the other orangutan out of her own sleeping nest, improves upon the nest design, and settles into the nest as her own! This may seem a bit rude, but Vanessa does not seem too concerned with forming close bonds with other orangutans.

She rarely indulges in wrestling games and does not demand much attention from her caregivers. Because adult orangutans live an almost completely solitary life in the wild, it is a good sign that Vanessa is so independent. She has what it takes to survive in the forest once she is released into the wild!

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