Wigly has been going to forest school for three months. He left his best friend Ben who still in the nursery group. In the beginning, Wigly was shy and excluded himself from playing with the others and watched his old friend from afar.

During the first week he was still adapting to his new routine and school so he always had activities near his babysitters. Luckily he has nice new friends who encourage him to join the group and play together. It really helped build Wigly's confidence. Now just like any other new kid at school Wigly goes to school enthusiastically every morning.

Compared to the nursery, the situation at the forest school is really different because there are many new exciting things for Wigly to learn. His favourite subject is the introduction to natural food resource, which is understandable because he really likes to eat. When he started learning with his friends and the bigger orangutans (who frequently visit the smaller orangutan group) Wigly began to realise that there are so many forest fruits he could actually eat!

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