Alan is a fastidious and gentle orangutan. At the Care Center where Alan is in pre-release quarantine, he likes to unwind with an enrichment parcel made by the OFI Enrichment Officer, Ibu Maryanti.

 Alan will carefully unwrap the package and examine its contents. His favorite parcels are made from large branches and contain a variety of fruit and vegetables. When given one of these, Alan will clear the area around him so that he has room to spread out the contents of his parcel. He will delicately examine each item and will put aside his favorite snack (generally pineapple) to eat later. Aside from the pineapple, Alan gets most excited about the tree branches provided daily for nest building.

He loves to practice his nest building! Alan will spend hours breaking the branches into different sizes and will meticulously lay them out into a nest. Once he has made the perfect nest, he will mess the branches up and start again in a new area. A bit like Goldilocks, Alan is tries to find the perfect place to sleep in his enclosure, the location that is neither too hot nor too cold but just right!

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