A lifetime in a cage shouldn’t be Ambon’s only option

After 20 years behind bars, the chance to be out in nature is something Ambon can only dream of. Now, you can make this a life-changing reality. Please donate today to help us build a forested sanctuary for orangutans that cannot be released into the wild.

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We need your help

We need people like you to help us achieve our goals. Join us by adopting, donating and campaigning for action.

  • Adopt an Orangutan

    Each adoption helps our orangutans learn how to care for themselves and hopefully survive in the wild. For as little as $12 a month, you can help support an orangutan ... Read more

  • Donate

    Donate to give orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo the best chance of survival against the threat of extinction. Support our work including critical habitat protection, orangutan care centres and rehabilitation ... Read more

  • Protect the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem

    Could you commit to protecting a vital piece of orangutan habitat for just a small monthly amount? Your precious piece of rainforest will be fiercely protected by our wildlife rangers, ... Read more

How we are saving the orangutan

We lead and sponsor projects on the ground that help protect orangutans and their forest homes.

  • Frankfurt Zoological Society : Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem

    The Orangutan Project has partnered with FZS and provided vital financial support to the Bukit Tigapuluh (BTP) Landscape Conservation Program since 2008. What began as a small orangutan release program, has now grown into a large-scale conservation program that includes conservation of Critically Endangered ...

  • Centre for Orangutan Protection

    The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) is a direct-action group of Indonesian people who campaign to bring an urgent end to the destruction of Indonesian rainforest and the killing of orangutans. COP operates numerous teams in the field to run its programs. These teams ...

  • Borneo Nature Foundation

    Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) works to protect some of the most important areas of tropical rainforest and to safeguard the wildlife, environment and indigenous culture in Borneo.

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Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release orangutans


The Orangutan Project funds orangutan rescue teams in Sumatra and Borneo that are highly trained and skilled at relocating ...


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