You may remember in August last year, the orangutans on the BOS Foundation pre-release islands had to be moved back to the Nyaru Menteng centre due to the very low water levels around the islands. This included the handsome Carlos.

Carlos is currently in an individual enclosure at Nyaru Menteng. He receives a variety of food through special feeding drawers that are fitted to each enclosure. Carlos is quite active during the day, exploring and playing with new toys and enrichment that are provided and he is often seen dangling and swinging from the enclosure roof. One of Carlos’ favourite things is whole coconuts and he is very skilled at breaking them open with his strong teeth.

When Carlos sees someone new, especially a male technician, he will shake his enclosure and kiss-squeak with agitation. In the afternoons, Carlos will usually take a nap in an enrichment barrel, which he covers in leaves and a hessian sack for increased comfort. Due to the current Covid-19 issues, staff are having limited contact with the orangutans and no orangutans are being moved. It is hoped that Carlos will be able to be moved back to the island in the near future when it is deemed safe to commence usual activities.

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