Monti October 2017

Clever Monti continues to excel on her island forest home at the IAR Rescue Centre in West Kalimantan. She is excellent at finding various fruits and leaves to eat and makes fantastic nests for her afternoon siesta.

Monti is also very adept as creating things from her environment such as using large leaves to fan herself on hot days. She is a very fast learner and good problem solver.

Monti is one of the top release candidates at the IAR rescue centre in West Kalimantan. IAR has been releasing orangutans into Bukit Baka Buki Raya National Park since March 2016 with seven wild orangutans translocated and four rehabilitated orangutans released. This park will be able to support approximately 160 orangutans.

Keep up the great work Monti- we can’t wait for you to return to your true forest home in the future!

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