Rocky graduates to Forest School

We have received some great news from the IAR Care Centre in West Kalimantan.

Cheeky Rocky, who is a member of our adoption programme, has graduated from baby school into forest school! Rocky was rescued in 2012 when he was about one year old. When he arrived he was extremely malnourished and had very little hair. He was also severely traumatised and needed encouragement just to eat and drink. The IAR staff worked hard to build up Rocky’s strength and teach him all of the basic skills he needed in baby school. Rocky was foraging well and had become dominant in his baby school class so he was ready to graduate and move to forest school. 

Rocky is now doing really well in forest school and has made lots of new friends - it is amazing to see how far he has come and we are so proud of all his achievements. One of Rocky’s closest friends, Rickina, will stay in baby school for a while longer so she can grow in size and confidence and they are sure to be reunited soon.

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