In exciting news, Carmen was moved from the Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre to the pre-release Kaja Island in early March 2015. Carmen is in excellent health and the staff evaluating the orangutans decided that she was ready for the pre-release island.

Carmen was transported to Kaja island along with her orangutan friends Bella, Suma and Nanda.  The orangutans had to be sedated and placed in transport crates for their journey to the island.

As soon as the transport box was opened, Carmen immediately ran out of the box and climbed the nearest tree. Carmen has been quick to adapt to the life on the pre-release island and is exploring the island on a daily basis. She has also already shown the ability to pick out natural food and to build nests in the canopy. Carmen still often spends time with Bella, Suma, and Nanda. 

We will keep you updated on Carmen’s adaptation to life on Kaja Island. 

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