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Rudi’s credentials

Sucssessfully defending the last place on earth…

Rudi Putra is a multi award winning leader with the grass-roots NGO Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh (HAkA), protecting forests and preventing wildlife crimes in the Leuser Ecosystem, the last place on earth where orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants still roam together in the wild.

Born in Aceh on the island of Sumatra, Rudi is a conservation biologist by training with over 15 years conservation experience.

He manages 11 teams of expert rangers protecting wildlife from poaching by patrolling the Leuser Ecosystem pursuing poachers and removing deadly snares traps.

At the same time he works together with local community and law enforcement authorities to dismantle illegal oil palm plantations and restore forests naturally.

Last year Rudi’s achievements in conservation were recognised by winning the world’s largest grass-roots environmental award, the Goldman Environmental Prize, which he adds to the Future for Nature Award he received in 2014.             

Rudi’s appeal:

Rudi measuring rhino footprint
Rudi 2014 Goldman prize recipient
Rudi cutting down illegal oil palm
“Please help me in my mission to protect and restore the Leuser Ecosystem. It’s the last place on on earth where orangutans, rhinos, tigers and elephants still roam together in the wild, and the pristine forests protect our people from floods and landslides that happen if palm oil companies open the area for destruction. Thanks to the support of people like you our anti-poaching patrol teams are protecting some of the most critical wildlife hotspots of the Leuser Ecosystem, but we must increase our numbers if we are going to prevent major extinctions. At 2.6 million hectares, the Leuser Ecosystem is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world. Sadly this majestic ecosystem and its inhabitants are under extreme threat and that threat is human activity.

The rangers in the patrol team are very brave, spending weeks in the forest at a time, tracking down poachers and destroying their snares. We have saved thousands of animals from a painful and pointless death, thanks to the support of people like you, but with the illegal wildlife trade booming more poachers keep arriving. Just last month three wild Sumatran elephants were killed by snares in Aceh, two already had their tusks cut out and one was found alive but died from its injuries in the snare. As the pressure on the animals increases, so to we must increase our fight to protect them. The Sumatran elephants are now classified as Critically Endangered, just like the Sumatran orangutan, Sumatran rhino and Sumatran tiger, and we can not let them slip away to extinction.

We urgently need more teams to stay ahead of the poachers before it is too late for these species. With your help by regular donations each month we can hire and equip more rangers, stop more poachers, and save more animals. Every dollar counts so please join us in combating the poaching crisis today.”

Where your donation goes:

Your donation will go directly into funding HAkA's monthly anti-poaching patrols, law enforcement and advocacy work.

Will you fight with us?

You can save an animal from an agonising death for less than $1 a day!
Donate $360 per year, or $30 per month and you can contribute to saving at least one
Critically Endangered animal such as: a tiger, an elephant, or a rhino from death!

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