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The Orangutan Project (TOP) is a dynamic, fast-growing and successful not-for-profit organisation that fights for orangutan conservation by securing land and rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing ex-captive orangutans. Our activities have positive flow-on effects that protect other endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger, elephant and rhino, as well as indigenous communities in the remaining rainforest in Borneo and Sumatra.


TOP relies on volunteers in many regions to promote the organisation and raise funds to go directly toward saving endangered orangutans and their habitat. The involvement of our wonderful volunteers enables TOP to raise critically needed funds for conservation activities on the ground in Borneo and Sumatra.

Are you interested in joining a community of like-minded people to raise funds to protect critical rainforest habitat, to support orangutan care centres, rehabilitation and release programs? We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers  to become a Regional Representative in their town/ city/ district to fundraise to help save orangutans.


Position available: Volunteer Fundraising Manager (VFM) Applications close 30th June 2018

Want to help save orangutans? Have you got excellent communication and organisational skills? Join our awesome team of fundraising volunteers. You can be based anywhere in Australia to fill this virtual part-time position. This is a volunteer position for a minimum of six hours a week (for a three month trial period).

The Orangutan Project (TOP) is a dynamic, fast-growing and successful not-for-profit organisation. We are seeking a new Volunteer Fundraising Manager to manage our volunteer program and to organise major fundraising events, both in Australia and internationally.

TOP highly values our wonderful volunteers and the enormous contribution they make. Our volunteers help to raise much-needed funds and awareness about the urgency for the conservation of critically-endangered orangutans and their forest homes.

Under supervision of the Development Director, the VFM will be responsible for the following tasks and to achieve targets as specified.

Manage and support volunteers:

  • contribute to and implement activities in the TOP Volunteer Strategy
  • manage and support all volunteers by developing and maintaining processes, guides and resources
  • manage Assistant Volunteer Manager to assist in supporting volunteers
  • supervise the Volunteer Recruitment Manager and Volunteer Recruitment Assistant
  • assist Regional Representatives to achieve their fundraising targets

Target: volunteers fundraise a minimum of $150,000 in 2018-19, and a growth rate of 20 per cent or more each following year

  • chair bimonthly meetings with Regional Representatives
  • select merchandise products for volunteers to sell
  • arrange promotional material for stalls (posters, banners, handouts)

To apply, email with a pitch of up to 500 words about yourself, your skills and why you would like this position, along with a your resume (2 page maximum). Please provide the name and phone number of a person who can verify your skills and give a character reference.


Position available: Regional Representative for ACT

As a TOP Regional Representative, you will build and manage a team of volunteers to undertake fundraising activities in your town/city/district. Your main activity will be to organise stalls at markets, shopping centres or festivals to collect donations and to sell orangutan adoptions and merchandise.

Your excellent organisational skills will be used to coordinate and inspire your team to hold fundraising events, which might include (but not limited to): dinners, wine/cheese nights, trash & treasure, movie nights, school presentations or quiz nights. There may be occasional opportunities to work with other Regional Representatives to jointly hold large fundraising events.

Regional Representatives are responsible for banking, managing the merchandise (using Excel spreadsheet), training new volunteers and responding to email enquiries within 24 hours. On average, a Regional Representative will contribute a minimum of 8 hours per month. Reps are supported by and report to TOP’s National Manager. Note these are volunteer positions and you need to be 18 years or over (if you are under 18 years old, you can still volunteer to help a Regional Rep, but you will need parental/guardian permission).

We want to hear from you!

Contact if you have any questions about volunteering, otherwise all applications must be via the link below.

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Position available: Volunteer support (All states)

Volunteers take on all sorts of roles and the amount of time you contribute is flexible. You can choose which role you do and when you do it, knowing that all funds raised go directly to saving orangutans. No experience is needed as you get to learn from your friendly Regional Representative and other enthusiastic volunteers. Activities might include: organising fundraising events, coordinating or helping at stalls to collect donations, sell orangutan adoptions and merchandise, selling fundraising chocolates, school presentations or helping at tin shakes to collect donations (maybe wearing an orangutan mascot suit!). You might also like to help the Regional Representative with a coordination role, such as managing raffles, merchandise, organising stalls or events, school presentations or fundraising chocolates/cookies. Any time you can contribute will help to save orangutans.

Contact if you have any questions about volunteering, otherwise all applications must be via the link below.

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