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"Let's make 2016 a game-changing year for orphaned orangutans in desperate need"
We need to act NOW before it's too late

If only they could, the 2,000 orphaned orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra would surely cry out for compassion, protection and freedom. It’s estimated that already in 2015 over 5,000 orangutans have been killed.

Ancient rainforest has been burnt in enormous fires that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of hectares. Mothers have been killed before their baby’s eyes. Please, can you make a tax-deductible donation and help the orphaned orangutans in desperate need. Your contribution will ensu.. Read More

"Save a life and safeguard the orangutan species from extinction"
Adopt an orphan orangutan - who will you choose?

Each adoption helps our orangutans learn how to care for themselves and survive in the wild

Every orphan orangutan cared for by The Orangutan Project has lost its mother due to poaching, or she might have been killed from wandering into an encroaching palm oil or paper plantation. It is heartbreaking for these infant orangutans who have seen their own mother killed and they have been l.. Read More

"Seroja was very weak, dirty and inactive when she was confiscated. She is now housed at the Batu Mbelin Quarantine Centre and is has a chance at survival"
Save the Sumatran Orangutan from Extinction

Some of the richest and most biodiverse forests in Indonesia will soon be opened up for commercial exploitation under a plan drafted by the new government of Aceh.

The proposed spatial plan puts two huge forest conservation areas under threat. Nationally protected by Indonesian law, the 2.6 million-hectare tropical Leuser Ecosystem has been identified as one of the “world’s most irreplaceable protected areas” and is rapidly gaining suppor.. Read More

The orangutan's rainforest habitat is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Like this video? Join our  Facebook page and let us know!

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