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"Please help give me a second chance"
Let’s change the fortunes of orangutans in desperate need together

Bujing has endured so much in his life. Stolen from his dead mother as an infant, he was sold as a pet for $75 dollars and then kept in horrendous conditions.

We need your help to give Bujing, and other orangutans like him in desperate need, a second chance. Bujing was rescued by the TOP funded Human-Orangutan Conflict Response Team. They travelled in tough conditions for over eight hours to reach Bujing. And thank goodness they made it. The scene w.. Read More

"Save a life and safeguard the orangutan species from extinction"
Adopt an orphan orangutan - who will you choose?

Each adoption helps our orangutans learn how to care for themselves and survive in the wild

Every orphan orangutan cared for by The Orangutan Project has lost its mother due to poaching, or she might have been killed from wandering into an encroaching palm oil or paper plantation. It is heartbreaking for these infant orangutans who have seen their own mother killed and they have been l.. Read More

"Don’t miss out on your chance to join The Orangutan Sumatra Challenge Tour, a fundraising challenge led by TOP President, Leif Cocks."
Join The Orangutan Sumatra Challenge!

You will visit pristine rainforests, trek through the magnificent jungles of Gunung Leuser National Park in Northern Sumatra and spend time viewing wild and ex‑captive orangutans wandering freely in their natural surroundings.

You will also spend time along the way in a unique orangutan hospital and rescue centre where veterinarians are breaking new ground on medical treatment of the red ape and where orangutans are prepared for reintroduction back into the forests. Trip highlights include: • Learning from orangut.. Read More

The orangutan's rainforest habitat is disappearing at an unprecedented rate. Like this video? Join our  Facebook page and let us know!

Help give Bujing the live he deserves
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